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Brachioplasty in New Jersey

Unveil Your True Definition with Brachiplasty

Brachioplasty in New Jersey  Ramsey

New Jersey Brachioplasty at Capella Plastic Surgery

Dr. Capella has personally performed over 1000 cases (2000 Brachioplasty procedures). He has the largest published series of arm lifts on massive weight loss patients in the world.

Dr. Joseph F. Capella specializes in plastic surgery after weight loss. Having performed over 10,000 body contouring procedures at Capella Plastic Surgery in New Jersey, he’s a renowned leader in body contouring. Dr. Capella’s research, presentations, and publications demonstrate his dedication to surgical innovation and safety. He has also collaborated with his father, Dr. Rafael Capella, an esteemed bariatric surgeon. Dr. Capella has performed over 2,000 arm lifts (1,000 patients). He can help you tailor your physique and show off your weight-loss progress. Call to schedule your consultation with Dr. Capella and learn how, at our leading body contouring clinic in New Jersey Brachioplasty can help you achieve your goals for your most trimmed physique.

Bye, Bye Flabby Arms

What is a Brachioplasty?

With the effects of time and frequently following weight loss, men and women can lose skin tone. This loss of tone can be very obvious as hanging skin on the underside of the arm.

The excess skin is sometimes associated with fat deposits in these areas as well. In some individuals, the underside of their arms may appear more full than they would like, and this may be because of the presence of excess fat. Brachioplasty procedure performed by Dr. Joseph F. Capella at Capella Plastic Surgery in Bergen County removes excess skin (and usually fat) to restore a more youthful appearance to the arms.

Get rid of excess skin and reshape your arms with Brachioplasty, a permanent and effective solution. Combining it with liposuction or other body sculpting procedures can further enhance results. Whether as part of a Mommy Makeover or in conjunction with other surgeries like a tummy tuck or thigh lift, an Brachioplasty offers a toned and slender appearance. Experience the transformation at Capella Plastic Surgery.

Enhance Your Arms

What are the benefits of a Brachioplasty?

For individuals who have good skin tone and disproportionate amounts of fat in the arm, liposuction may provide adequate treatment.

However, the use of liposuction alone to contour the arms always creates the risk of contour irregularities. Achieve slimmer, toned arms with Brachioplasty, ideal for individuals with excess fat and sagging skin. Dr. Capella's expertise and various approaches provide optimal results. Experience the benefits of reduced fat, elimination of the "bat wing" appearance, improved problem areas, and the freedom to wear short sleeves or sleeveless apparel confidently.

Brachioplasty in New Jersey  Ramsey
Brachioplasty in New Jersey  Ramsey

When Experience Matters

Your Brachioplasty Consultation

During the initial evaluation for Brachioplasty New Jersey Plastic Surgeon, Dr. Capella, will take a thorough medical history and perform a directed physical examination.

In his evaluation, he will assess the skin tone of the arms and the amount of localized fat present. If he feels the patient’s skin tone is good and that excessive fat is contributing to the undesirable appearance of the arms, liposuction may be recommended. In the event that the skin tone is poor, removal of some skin and liposuction may be recommended. At your consultation, the arm lifting procedure will be explained to the patient, and informational materials will be provided. Dr. Capella has personally performed over 2,000 arm lifts (1,000 patients). He has the largest published series of Brachioplasty procedures on massive weight loss patients in the world. Dr. Capella and his team are dedicated to providing comprehensive information and guiding you through your aesthetic journey. Your comfort and informed decision-making are our top priorities.

Reveal Your Inner Strength

Brachioplasty Pre-Operative Preparations

Two weeks prior to your operation, you will need to discontinue medications which can lead to surgical complications. You will meet with Dr. Capella again, at which time any further questions you may have will be answered.

You will be asked to sign a surgical consent form for your Brachioplasty procedure. Photographs will be taken of your arms. Instructions will be provided regarding the date and time of your procedure. You will need an escort to drive you to and from the surgical facility. You should wear loose-fitting clothing that will wash easily in the event they are soiled.

Do not wear jewelry or contact lenses or bring valuables to the operating room. Remove all jewelry from pierced body parts; this can interfere with the procedure and may represent a safety threat to you because of the use of electrocautery during the procedure. Finally, Dr. Capella will write prescriptions for antibiotics to decrease your risk of infection and a narcotic analgesic for post-operative pain relief. You need to inform us of any history of allergic reactions to medications.

Brachioplasty in New Jersey  Ramsey

The Day of Your Brachioplasty

Your Brachioplasty Procedure

On the day of your Brachioplasty, Dr. Capella will place skin markings on your arms while you are sitting up. The anesthesiologist will review your medical history. Dr. Capella performs this procedure with general anesthesia.

The lifting of both arms takes approximately two hours and usually involves liposuction. The incisions are closed with absorbable sutures. No drains are used. Dressings are placed on the incisions, after which an elastic ace wrap is applied. Patients are usually ready for discharge from the recovery area approximately two to three hours following the procedure. An adult escort must be available to drive you home. Patients cannot be discharged to the company of a minor or a taxi service.

It’s Time for the Reveal

Brachioplasty Results

Once the swelling subsides, you'll enjoy slimmer arms that reveal your underlying muscle definition. While Brachioplasty doesn't increase muscle mass, it enhances the visibility of your muscles. Embrace the freedom to wear your favorite outfits comfortably and confidently, proudly showcasing your arms.

Reshape, Redefine, and Rediscover Confidence in Your Arms

Brachioplasty Recovery and Aftercare

Two days following Brachioplasty, your dressings may be removed as showering is permitted. Mild soap may be used.

The scars of the surgery often become redder two weeks after surgery and then begin to fade two to three months later. The scars never completely disappear and take from 12 to 18 months to reach their final appearance. It is imperative that you not allow sun exposure to these scars while they are still red. If sun exposure is to occur, however, a sunblock with a rating of 15 or greater should be applied.

Brachioplasty in New Jersey  Ramsey
Brachioplasty Before & After

Brachioplasty Frequently Asked Questions

What are the risks associated with Brachioplasty?

As with any surgery, complications of Brachioplasty include infection and bleeding, although these are unusual. Other important complications include poor wound healing, resulting in conspicuous scars that may necessitate a second operation. Smokers are advised to discontinue smoking several weeks prior to surgery as smoking increases the risks of complications and delays wound healing by altering blood circulation in the skin. You can reduce your risks of complications by closely following our instructions before and after the surgery, especially with regard to how and when you resume physical activity.

Will I have scars after Brachioplasty?

Scar placement is of great concern to patients considering Brachioplasty. Dr. Capella has a very long and extensive experience with the placement of the scar along the lower part of the inside of the arm, very similar to the location of a seam in most dress shirts.

Can an excellent result be achieved with Brachioplasty limited to the armpit in a weight loss patient?

Very unlikely. Pulling towards the armpit does not address the excess skin of the arm perpendicular to the arm itself. Weight loss patients who have had a Brachioplasty limited to the armpit will often complain that when they place their arms along their sides, the loose skin of the arms spreads out, leaving their arms looking wide and loose. In addition, pulling from the armpit alone can distort the normal appearing dome of the armpit and does nothing to correct the crepey appearance of skin along the lower arm.

Will liposuction alone help the appearance of my arms if I have lost weight?

No. Individuals with loose skin secondary to weight loss, sun exposure, smoking, or chronic steroid consumption will develop contour irregularities following liposuction alone. These irregularities will most likely make one’s appearance worse than not having had liposuction at all.

Does Dr. Capella perform liposuction as part of a Brachioplasty?

Yes, in most cases. Liposuction can improve the results of a Brachioplasty. The liposuction is performed at the same time as an arm lift. Dr. Capella is very careful, however, to not liposuction areas of the arm that result in permanent contour deformities.

I have loose skin along my arms but also beyond my elbow along my forearms. Will Brachioplasty correct that?

Loose skin along the forearm is very common in women in their 50s and over, especially following weight loss or from sun exposure and aging. Dr. Capella performs many Brachioplasty procedures where the traditional operation along the arm is extended to address the loose skin along the forearm.

How long do I need to wear arm garments after Brachioplasty?

Dr. Capella does not ask patients to wear arm garments for more than two days after surgery.

How often does Dr. Capella perform Brachioplasty?

Brachioplasty procedures are one of the most common operations performed by Dr. Capella. He has personally performed over 2000 arm lifts (1000 patients) and has the largest published series of arm lifts by a single plastic surgeon in the world.

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